Our Story

Our Vision

The Music Center strives to deepen the cultural life of every resident of Los Angeles County and continue creating an increasingly relevant, multidisciplinary performing arts center.

Our Mission

We champion the arts in Los Angeles for all people. We connect the people of Los Angeles with one another and with art that can enrich their lives. We embrace patrons, visitors and community members from all backgrounds. We provide exceptional service to our resident companies and to all who present or experience the arts at The Music Center, and we faithfully steward the campus entrusted to us by the County of Los Angeles.

Your Legacy

With your help, The Music Center has become a place for artistic, cultural and civic synergy. Because of you, The Music Center Arts (TMC Arts) can champion the arts and present world-renowned dance companies, develop arts education initiatives, and offer community-wide programs.

I invite you to help us celebrate TMC Arts by considering a legacy gift. These future gifts, of any size, will help us continue to advance our mission to champion and present the arts for generations to come. Ensure the future of performing arts at The Music Center, make a legacy gift!